At home with Jill Barber

I have had the pleasure to get to know Jill and her family over the years. Well before I met her, I was a fan of her music. Her incredible voice and old jazz aesthetic had me putting her albums on repeat. I had no idea that she lived in Vancouver until I ended up in the same room as her at a friends party. I have to admit I was a bit tongue tied. Since then, I have become friends and neighbours with Jill. Our kids go to the same school and we exist within the same incredible community.

I shoot for Devon’s Drawer clothing company and when we were coming up with a concept for the fall line, we thought it would be fun to feature Jill and her kids. The shoot was fun and it was real as the kids were being extra wild. This shoot depicts the very mission behind Devon’s Drawer clothing company. The clothing is made to be worn and stand up to our busy, adventurous lives.

This shoot was a collaboration among some of the most inspiring women in my life. If I had to say what the one thing that I value the most; it would be community. When my work helps to build community & bring good people together I feel I’ve won. I am so grateful to Jill Barber and Meera, Cynthia and Angelica from Devon’s Drawer for being part of this community.

Jessica Jacobson