When a photographer goes to a friends wedding....

And doesn’t speak the lanuage!

I was supposed to get some group shots at my friends wedding in France this summer but being a photographer, I decided I would rather just shoot the whole wedding. It also was a great way to stay occupied in an otherwise super awkward situation where I can’t understand a word anyone is saying. So I gave my six year old son a camera and the two of us documented the day. My friend mentioned to the guests that I was the ‘photographer’ but most people were not interested in me or my camera because we couldn’t communicate. It was really challenging and impossible to give anyone direction. Most people ignored me and my efforts to direct them. The group shots were the only request from the family but even after I asked the bride to translate to everyone to stop taking pictures with their phones so I could get a shot, everyone ignored that. The group shots are comical and it turns out I love them! Everyone is looking somewhere else and most aren’t looking at me! This was more of a photojournalism project then it was true wedding photography but the candid journalistic style shots are my favourite!

My friends’ true easy going personalities shine through. They would have been happy with one blurry photo of the day. These two truly impress me. They have two kids under 3, Rachel is in second year medical school (yes she had her second baby while in her first year of med school and is still managing to follow through), their kids are far from sleeping through the night and on top of this, they decided to throw a wedding into the mix. They are truly incredible and remind me that we humans are capable of a lot.

My favourite part of the wedding was after they said their vows at the city hall, the whole room (which was packed way over capacity) started singing “Don’t Worry, Be happy” in English! Oh it was so touching! We were all holding back tears.

The wedding took place along a creek. After the ceremony, the kids were fishing and playing around near the creek. It was a beautiful, relaxed wedding.

I didn’t get one portrait of the bride and groom on their own because they weren’t that interested. The closest I got was of the two of them and their two kids which would have been appropriate but my son was photo bombing every shot so they just included him too in their one family portrait. The whole thing is really funny and if you can’t tell, my friends have a great sense of humour. I had fun editing this gallery!

Jessica Jacobson