Whether it’s a portrait or commercial work, Jessica aims to evoke a sense of connection with the viewer; something that also lives inside of them. A feeling, a memory; a humanity we all share. Technically trained in Vancouver Canada, Jessica continually pushes herself creatively and technically to grow as an artist and strives to create relevant, meaningful and striking imagery for her clients. She is inspired by light, design and form and is as well inspired by humanity, our relationship to ourselves, each other and the natural world.

Jessica is passionate about working with impact business’s and tomorrow’s leaders, who need imagery to elevate their mission and reach the hearts of their audience. Improving our world socially and environmentally is a huge driving force in the work that she does. A lover of the beauty in the everyday, Jessica also loves working with families’ to tell a visual story. And her love of portraiture, design, travel, food and architecture thrusts her work across many genres.